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The Winery Dogs (Special Edition)



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Special Edition 2-disc digipack including:

- The original The Winery Dogs debut album

Unleashed in Japan 2013, a 10 song live recording, including the song “Criminal”, previously unavailable in the U.S. and some other gems.  

Expanded booklet with photos and lyrics


Track Listing:

The Winery Dogs

1. Elevate

2. Desire

3. We Are One

4. I'm No Angel

5. The Other Side

6. You Saved Me

7. Not Hopeless

8. One More Time

9. Damaged

10. Six Feet Deeper

11. Time Machine

12. The Dying

13. Regret


Unleashed in Japan 2013

1. Elevate (Live)

2. Criminal (Live)

3. Time Machine (Live)

4. I'm No Angel (Live)

5. Not Hopeless (Live)

6. Stand (Live)

7. You Can't Save Me (Live)

8. Shine (Live)

9. Fooled Around And Fell In Love (Live)

10. Desire (Live)