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All You Can Eat T-Shirt Bundle

“The album of the year from the best band ever” – your mom 


Exclusive album + t-shirt bundle including:

All You Can Eat CD or digital album
- Exclusive Steel Panther T-Shirt 
- 2014 Laminate with VIP code (fan club access)

You already wanted a shirt and this one comes with the new album AND access to the VIP Fanthers. EXCLUSIVE design for this campaign only! SCORE!

VIP 2014 Fanther Lammy Perks will vary by event. Check for details.


Delivered in high quality MP3 format (when digital) 320 KBPS


All You Can Eat Track List:

1.   Pussywhipped

2.   Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World

3.   Gloryhole

4.   Bukkake Tears

5.   Gangbang At The Old Folks Home

6.   Ten Strikes You’re Out

7.   The Burden Of Being Wonderful

8.   Fucking My Heart In The Ass

9.   BVS

10. You’re Beautiful When You Don’t Talk

11. If I Was The King

12. She’s On The Rag