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Miles Davis - "The Genius of Miles Davis"

The Genius of Miles Davis ... 30 years of recorded masterpieces from 1 musical genius.

  • Individually numbered, exact replica of Miles Davis Trumpet Case houses the collection.
  • 43 CDs include 384 recordings documenting the history of his years at Columbia Records.
  • Custom designed Trunk Ltd. t-shirt.
  • Previously unpublished fine art lithograph of one of Miles's most striking paintings.
  • Exact replica of the "Gustat" Heim 2 mouthpiece used by Miles during his career.

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The Genius of Miles Davis is the most comprehensive and lavisly packaged collection ever dedicated to a single musical artist.  Packaged in a custom-built, limited-edition Martin trumpet case, a replica of the one Miles used during his career, and individually numbered to 1955, the year Miles signed to Columbia Records.  The Genius of Miles Davis presents the artist's complete body of work recorded for Columbia Records in eight deluxe box sets (documenting every important phase of Miles' musical life), along with a fine art lithograph of one of Miles paintings, replica "Gustat" Heim 2 mouthpiece (the one Miles used), and exclusive t-shirt by Trunk Ltd. complete the collection.

Full Content List

  • Miles Davis and Gil Evans: The Complete Columbia Recording Sessions (6 CDs)
  • Miles Davis Quintet 1965-1968 (6 CDs)
  • The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions (4 CDs)
  • Miles Davis and John Coltrane: The Complete Columbia Recordings, 1955-1961 (6 CDs)
  • The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions (3 CDs)
  • The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions (5 CDs)
  • Seven Steps: The Complete Columbia Recordings of Miles Davis, 1963-1964 (7 CDs)
  • The Complete on the Corner Sessions (6 CDs)