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Food of Love


Cook up a storm with our exclusive online offer!  



For a limited period only get The Food Of Love Cookery Book and The Best Of CD Album in one package.

With John Barrowman’s 2011 Concert Tour approaching, we are very excited to bring you a fabulous online offer, exclusive to this store.
The Food Of Love is a cookery book with a difference. It is a lovingly-compiled selection of Barrowman family recipes, together in one beautiful hard-bound collection.
Strictly limited edition, only 1500 copies of The Food Of Love have been printed and will be available to buy from the Concert Tour venues.
If you want to own a copy of The Food Of Love before anyone else we have the first 500 copies reserved just for you!
All you need to do is order the book and a copy of John’s dazzling new compilation, The Very Best Of John Barrowman.
The perfect gift for you or a loved one.



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John has penned a very special foreword to the book which reveals how much The Food Of Love means to him and his family;
“[It] began as a collection of Barrowman family recipes that my niece Clare, compiled as my Christmas gift in 2010.  Clare gathered the recipes, and many of the photographs, so the book would be a gift of memories for me as well as a recipe book.  Luckily as you'll see there’s no shortage of photographs of me eating.
All of the recipes in the book are my favourites and under each one I've written a few words about why.  The recipes themselves though come from the credited family members (so blame them if the dish doesn't turn out right).
You'll notice that the book begins with dessert because for any Barrowman the most important part of the meal is the pudding.  We’re never too full for pie or an ice cream because we're born with a separate section in our stomachs for dessert.”