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Helen Sung Anthem For A New Day CD Release Tour Presented by
North Coast Brewing Company (creator of Brother Thelonious Belgian Ale)

Anthem For A New Day CD + Digital Album + Autographed Booklet

Pianist/composer Helen Sung has an announcement to make. In fact, declaration might be a more appropriate word. The artist’s musical statement can be heard at the center, literally and figuratively, of her Concord Jazz debut Anthem For A New Day, a ten song set that positions her at the forefront of a talented and diverse sextet.

Sung made the leap from classical to jazz during college after hearing a Harry Connick, Jr. concert, and went on to attend the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Performance, later winning the Kennedy Center’s Mary Lou Williams Competition. “With my previous albums I was searching, experimenting - not that that ever ends. But this is the first project where I feel the most comfortable with who I am as an artist,” Sung says. “As someone whose musical emancipation began with jazz, it’s thrilling to be in a place where the diverse pieces of my experience are coming together in an organic, beautiful way: better than I could have planned it, perhaps a bit later than I had wanted but nevertheless right on time. It’s a new season, it’s a new chapter, and it’s with great humility and excitement that I offer you Anthem For A New Day."