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Live Life Living - LIMITED EDITION Signed Deluxe CD

Exclusive LIMITED EDITION Deluxe 2CD signed by Example!


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Deluxe 2CD Tracklisting:


1.    Next Year
2.    Kids Again
3.    One More Day (Stay With Me)
4.    10 Million People
5.    Only Human
6.    Seen You
7.    Can't Face The World Alone
8.    Live Life Living
9.    All The Wrong Places
10.  Take Me As I Am
11.  At Night
12.  Longest Goodbye
13.  New Friends
14.  Full Eclipse
15.  One Last Breath
16.  Innocent Minds
CD2 (The Remixes):

1.  All The Wrong Places (Quintino Remix)
2.  All The Wrong Places (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)
3.  All The Wrong Places (Jack Beats Remix)
4.  All The Wrong Places (Starkillers Remix)
5.  Kids Again (MOTi Remix)
6.  Kids Again (Dimension Remix)
7.  Kids Again (Zed Bias Remix)
8.  Kids Again (Critikal Miami Sunrise Remix)