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Emily Bear - Diversity CD + Digital Album

11-year-old musical prodigy Emily Bear, a pianist and composer released her Concord Records/Qwest Records debut Diversity on May 7, produced by legendary multi-Grammy Award winning producer, composer and arranger Quincy Jones. Bear, who is managed by Quincy Jones Productions, has the ability to seamlessly move from Classical to Jazz and Be-bop, while demonstrating musical prowess comparable to pianists/composers twice her age, has written 13-original songs for the new project, performed with a Jazz Trio (international release dates may vary). She first broke into the national spotlight at age 6, as a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, performing Mozart, jazz and an original song she composed. She was invited back five more times within the span of two years, performing original music each visit.



Track Listing:

1. Northern Lights

2. Blue Note

3. Diversity

4. Hot Peppers

5. Alika

6. Peralada

7. Jessie's Song

8. Jazz Angels

9. Italia

10. Salsa Americana

11. Tutti Cuore

12. Reflections

13. Q