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Tempest Vinyl Bundle with Harmonica in Key of F

Includes Tempest on vinyl, a Hohner Bob Dylan Signature Series harmonica (key of F), and an exclusive 11 x 17" poster.


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The Bob Dylan Signature Series harmonica features custom cover-plates bearing Dylan’s signature, a carrying case embossed with Dylan’s “Eye” logo, and an outer gift box featuring an exclusive picture of Dylan in the inside cover.


Side break:

Disc 1 Side 1

  1. Duquesne Whistle
  2. Soon After Midnight
  3. Narrow Way

Disc 1 Side 2

  1. Long and Wasted Years
  2. Pay In Blood
  3. Scarlet Town

Disc 2 Side 1

  1. Early Roman Kings
  2. Tin Angel

Disc 2 Side 2

  1. Tempest
  2. Roll On John


This vinyl package also includes a CD copy of the album!