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Autographed CD + Metal Beach Sign


Pre-order the new album today and get the CD + Autographed Booklet and a limited edition Metal Beach sign. Only a limited quantity available so hurry and get yours now!


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Ships on or before June 2, 2015.


Track listing: 

1.  Don’t It

2.  Drinkin’ Town With A Football Problem

3.  Wake Me Up

4.  Good Night (Featuring Jessie James Decker)

5.  Jonesin’

6.  Give It To Me Straight

7.  It Don’t Hurt Like It Used To

8.  Nowhere Town

9.  Do I Make You Wanna

10. Sweet Love

11. Soundtrack

12. Summer Forever


Beach Sign: 

5 x 24" Embossed Metal Sign. Made of 95% recycled aluminum