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Back in August of 1998 Ben Folds Five were one of the first guests
ever to appear on a brand new show called “Sessions at West 54th.”
Having just recently released their first album for Epic Records,
Whatever and Ever Amen, the band recorded one of their
best sets for the fledgling show. Of course, due to the requisite editing,
only a handful of the songs BF5 recorded ever made it to air—but
now, for the first time, you can see the band’s entire performance.

As an added bonus, this DVD features the complete and long-unavailable
Spare Reels footage: a 45-minute long short film, which contains,
as was written at the time, “live performances and weird scenes from
around the world and an intimate look at Ben Folds Five during the
studio sessions for their new album, The Unauthorized
Biography of Reinhold Messner.”



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1. Show Open/Introduction
2. Missing The War
3. Kate
4. Battle of Who Could Care Less
5. The Last Polka
6. Selfless, Cold and Composed
7. Brick
8. Steven's Last Night In Town
9. Smoke
10. Philosophy
11. Emaline
12. Theme From "Dr. Pyser"
13. One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces
14. Underground
15. She Don't Use Jelly
16. Song For The Dumped
17. Closing Credits
18. Spare Reels: Program Start
19. Spare Reels: Battle Of Who Could Care Less
20. Spare Reels: Philosophy
21. Spare Reels: Recovery Show
22. Spare Reels: Missing The War
23. Spare Reels: Brick
24. Spare Reels: The Stunt Man
25. Spare Reels: Jackson Cannery
26. Spare Reels: Free To Ride
27. Spare Reels: Song For The Dumped
28. Spare Reels: Don't Change Your Plans
29. Spare Reels: Army
30. Spare Reels: Credits