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Adam Lambert - Trespassing Box Set

Features 6 exclusive lithos, Exclusive Gatefold Vinyl & the Fan Edition CD/DVD!


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Designed especially for the biggest Lambert fans, the Trespassing - Box Set is jam packed with exclusive content include six (6) 12"x12" lithographs, Trespassing on Vinyl in beautiful gatefold packaging and Trespassing - Fan Edition (CD/DVD).


Track listing:

DISC 1: Trespassing (CD)

  1. Trespassing
  2. Cuckoo
  3. Shady
  4. Never Close Our Eyes
  5. Kick In
  6. Naked Love
  7. Pop That Lock
  8. Better Than I Know Myself
  9. Broken English
  10. Underneath
  11. Chokehold
  12. Outlaws Of Love
  13. Runnin
  14. Take Back
  15. Nirvana


DISC 2: The Making of Trespassing (DVD)

  1. The Making of Trespassing & "Better Than I Know Myself" Official Video
  2. Track By Track Highlights
  3. "Better Than I Know Myself" Official Video